Deaf Community Markets 2024



Hello! Only 5 months to go for the Deaf Community Markets. This is an announcement, the DATE has to be changed from 20th October due to a scheduling conflict. The NEW date is October 27th.  We have started receiving applications from stallholders. Please spread the word that applications are open. 

Video description:

A brown woman wearing a black blouse and glasses is standing behind some greenery and cream fencing and in the top left corner there is a white and turquoise coloured logo titled "Deaf Community Markets". 

2024 Stallholder applications now OPEN!

Video transcript:

Hello! You know Deaf Community Markets is back on October 20th! If you are interested in selling your crafts or items, please apply for a stall. Applications are now open! If you have any questions, please email us at  Thank you! 

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Two people are standing behind a bike path and a lake with a light pole in the background. On the left is a white woman with long blonde hair in a pony tail, dressed in a grey cardigan and a black tshirt. The other is brown woman with short wavy black hair in a black blouse with a pair of glasses on the head. 

Save the date! 

20th October 2024

Video transcript: 

Hello! The DCM team have been discussing the plans for this year's markets! Finally, we have a date! October 20th 2024! Where? At Shenton College, same location as last year. Are applications open? Applications for stallholders are opening very soon! Exciting! Bye! 

Video description:

Two people are seated on a park bench behind a lake. On the left is a brown woman with short wavy black hair in a black blouse and blue jeans. The other is white with long blonde hair in a ponytail, dressed in a black cardigan and t-shirt with blue jeans.