If you are interested in becoming a stallholder at the upcoming Deaf Community Markets, please send us an email and we will forward you the relevant information for registration.

Ideas for stallholders:

Stall Size - 3m x 1.5m

Video transcript: Hello. Its Jen here from the Deaf Community Markets sub-committee. I would like to confirm that the size of each stall for the markets this year is 3m x 1.5m. You remember last year we held the first Deaf Community Markets in Nedlands and we were able to provide tables and chairs. 

However this year we will not be able to provide tables and chairs as the markets will be held at Shenton College and therefore you will have to bring your own table and chairs. You can bring two or three smaller tables or one large table to fit into the 3m x 1.5m space for each stall. Thank you. Bye.